Save up to 60% off on sale items and plus Free Shipping on ALL U.S Orders Over $35
Save up to 60% off on sale items and plus Free Shipping on ALL U.S Orders Over $35
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Our products are 100% legit and licensed by Marvel / Disney, DC Comics, Warner Bros. and InfoThink.

2010: Iron Man 2 USB Flash Drive. Iron Man's eyes light up when plug-in.
2011: Transformers USB Flash Drive with can opener feature.
2011: Mini Hard Disk USB Flash Drive.
2012: Avengers USB Flash Drive, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America(sold more than 50,000pcs)
2012: DC Comics The Dark Knight Batman Bust with multiple electronic device.
2012: ONE PIECE USB Flash Drive (Japan Animation)
2012: DORAEMON USB Flash Drive (Japan Animation)
2013 April: Iron Man 3 series USB Flash Drive (Total 7 designs)
2013 November: Thor 2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive and Portable Power Bank charger with lighting and sounds functions.
2014 March: Marvel Captain America - The Winter Soldier: OTG + USB 3.0 Flash Drive and Wireless Shield Shape Speaker with Power Bank Feature.
2014 April: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 : USB 30 Flash Drive, Eyes ligh up when plug-in and Power Bank.
2014 July: Transformers 4: age of extinction by Hasbro
2014 Nov: Guardians of The Galaxy “Awesome Mix Volume 1″ by Marvel
2014 Dec: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D USB Flash Drive
2015 Jan: Big Hero 6 Baymax LED nightlight, USB flash drive and eyepad by 
2016 TSUMTSUM wireless speaker
2016 Disney Crystal Cinderella Carriage LED Lamp
2016 America Captain: Civil War Shield Type C + USB3.0 Flash Drive
2016 Gift Box & Power Bank by COI
2016 Star Wars - Stormtrooper LED Light USB Flash Drive